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Underground Intimate Waxing


Intimate waxing is nothing like shaving and once you've waxed, you'll never go back.

Think smooth, soft skin, instead of rough stubble down there – lush! You will be really smooth and sexy for at least the first 2 weeks. Remember that waxing removes all the hair, pulling it out at the follicle, so everything that grows back, is new and therefore soft and for quite a while it feels really smooth. Hair usually gives up and stops growing after about 4-6 years of continuous waxing.

Guys, whether it’s your shaft, sack, crack or butt you want to wax, check out our extensive UNDERGROUND menu and choose the combination that suits you.

Ladies, choose from our legs, arms, underarms wax and Waterloo/standard bikini (including inner thigh line and stomach line - leaving a triangle of hair), Seven Sisters (Half Legs and Bikini Line) or Royal Victoria (Full Legs and a Bikini Line).

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